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Exclusive Partnership & Opportunities to work with Healthcare Professionals

Turn Your Passion Into
A Successful Career

Ms.Kimberly Janet
(BA(hons), Dip Healthcoach, Adv Dip Nutrition, PN level 1, Dip in Corporate Health Coach National Athlete)

Ms.Kimberly had been working side by side with a few preventive healthcare professionals since year 2016 as Health Business Development Manager and she finally came out with a solution of making the company works with healthcare providers to provide a lucrative healthcare tourism to all national and international patients with the best possible offer. She hopes that patients don't come to only treat their concerns but to enjoy the journey to optimal health!


North Borneo Wellness Sdn.Bhd. specializes in medical and wellness tourism. Our products and services forms the cornerstone of a vibrant, resilient life. Our network of primary care doctors and preventive care practitioners are amongst the best available. We're are here to help and put you on the path to the healthy life you desire and deserve.


Business Opportunities

By being part of our NBWellness Business Affiliate, you'll have the opportunity to expand your healthcare services with medical professionals and practitioners

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Travel Opportunities

Our company main business will involve health coaching and assist clients on their visits to their desired destination. An opportunity to be part of their health optimization journey.


Expand Your Client Healthcare Exposure

By joining our company, you can provide your clients a full holistic healthcare services with our full medical and coaching support.

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Business Experiences




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Outdoor Sports



WE Believe in Teamwork !

Close the Gap Between Those WHO can help & THOSE who most NEED the help . This is Your Blue ocean Opportunity

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