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Autologous Immunotherapy

The Autologous immunotherapy consist of activated dendritic cells. Natural Killer Cells and Gamma Delta T Cells. This treatment will enhance the cancer patient’s immune system over time, giving them the natural ability to combat cancer. 
Autologous Immunotherapy for cancer is natural and has no major side effects. It can be given as an adjuvant therapy alongside chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 


We focus on helping the patients that have high cancer cells in the body and we will base on their health reports to proceed on what type of treatments that is suitable for the patients. 


Generally it will last about 3 to 4 weeks but depends on the patients' condition and health status. Best is you can enquire us with your health history records and tell us your health concerns. At North Borneo Wellness, we will make sure your concerns are heard and we will seek the best possible solution to help and save your life.

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