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North Borneo Wellness Sdn.Bhd. is founded by Ms.Kimberly Janet Ansibin in which this company specializes in medical and wellness tourism. Our combination of care forms the cornerstone of vibrant, resilient life. Our network of primary care doctors and preventive care practitioners are among the best available. We are here to help out and put you on the path to the healthy life you desire and deserve. We invite you to find out how North Borneo Wellness can help you quickly and effectively by achieving your optimal health and wellness goals.

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North Borneo Wellness Sdn. Bhd. Team 

Meet The Team

Managing Director

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Kimberly Janet

(BA(hons), Dip Healthcoach, Adv Dip Nutrition, PN level 1, Dip in Corporate Health Coach National Athlete)

Ms. Kimberly had been working side by side with a few preventive healthcare professionals since year 2016 as Health Business Development Manager and she finally came out with a solution of making the company works with healthcare providers to provide a lucrative healthcare tourism to all national and international patients with the best possible offer. She hopes that patients don't come to only treat their concerns but to enjoy the journey to optimal health!

China Country Manager

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Amy Wu

(TCM Specialist and Nutritionist)

“Ms. Amy had graduated from Hainan TCM University China and had been a nutritionist for global standard wellness company in Guangzhou. She extends her preventive care interest by becoming the director of 'Zhi Hui Health Center' . She would like to achieve higher standard of holistic living by being part of the China TCM research panel and official member of China TCM association. Her dream is to enable everyone to achieve holistic health easily and avoid the preventable diseases. Everyone deserve the best holistic health with science proven methods ”

Thailand COO


Kennick Bon
(Thailand Chief Operating Officer)

Mr. Kennick Bon is the founder and CEO of Global Debon which has been involved in the FMCG industry since 2005. Seeing huge growth potential in the health and wellness industry he joined North Borneo Wellness with the task to expand the business further in countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, Laos and Myanmar. 

Centred in Southeast Asia’s emerging market, NBW aims to be a part of that GDP and economic growth as a key player in the health and wellness industry. NBW will chart new milestones together with their business development teams and medical professionals.


To render patient safety, high quality and best preventive healthcare tourism services, assist in planning and implementing tour packages, develop and promote innovative procedures and advanced technologies that strictly adhere to safety standards, laws and regulations as well as ethical codes with the most reasonable value.

Health Business Associate

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Shayron Lim

(Sales and Marketing)

Ms. Shayron Lim has been a beauty and wellness enthusiast ever since she started her career as sales and marketing. She strongly believe that by being part of the agent of change, she will able to help more people and allowing them to have better and healthier lifestyle. She had been working with few well known wellness company in sales and marketing for more than 10 years and finally joining North Borneo Wellness as to expand her profession not only in sales but to be part of the professional support team. 


Jehan Hashim

(Dip Healthcoach / Degree in Nursing)

Ms. Jehan is  a specialized heart nurse assisting in procedures which are done in the Invasive Cardiac Lab in Singapore since 2019. Apart from that, she with her expertise in caring for the patients during critical illnesses, she would like to shift the focus by protecting the people through preventive healthcare techniques. One of the core motto is to start from the inner happiness and stay active.


Lim Jit Ian
(Business Operation)

Mr.Lim Jit Ian is an intern who studied law. He found interest by working with North Borneo Wellness because he foresee the future of the healthcare industry will be the major economic growth compared to other industry. Beside practicing law, he would like to explore the options of helping people through providing the best healthcare options and in the same time to provide the best healthcare experience to the clients. Joining North Borneo Wellness will expand his working experience not only through the service industry, also with his experience by being part of the healthcare professional team.

Specialize Heart Nurse/Health Coach

Health Business Operation Executive

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